Country Roads

In a luthier's workshop, a boy plays violin and looks on while a girl sings.

Had a dream of living on my own
with no fear of being all alone.
Pushed my sadness down inside of me
and pretended I was strong as I could be.

Country road, this old road…
If you go right to the end…
Got a feeling it’ll take me
to that town, country road.

It doesn’t matter to me how sad I might be,
I will never let a tear show in my eye.
If my feet are moving faster,
that’s because I only want to
push away memories.

Country road, this old road
could go right to my home town.
I won’t go there, I can’t go there,
can’t go down that country road.

Country road, when tomorrow comes
I’ll be like I always am.
Want to go back there,
can’t go back there.

Fare thee well…

…country road.